5 & 6 year old

June 2020: Zoofari June 8th-12th 

Each day, campers will learn about a different continent and the wildlife that inhabits it. What animals roam the African Savanna, soar through rainforest canopies, or bask in the desert sun? Find out all this and more when you join us on a Zoofari

July 2020: Zoo’s Clues July 6th-10th 

Campers will spend each day following clues, solving mysteries, and learning along the way! Some of our sneakiest animal ambassadors have left clues all over the zoo for us to follow. Only by solving the mystery will we know who it was! 

7 – 9 year old

June 2020: Supermanimals 15th-19th 

Can you jump as high as a serval or hide as well as an owl? Can you hold your breath like an alligator or climb like a lemur? Find out as we explore all the super abilities of animals from around the world.

July 2020: Legendary Creatures: From Myth to Reality July 13th-17th   

From Myth to Reality – Were dragons real? How did the legend of the Loch Ness Monster come to be? Discover the animal origins of mythical creatures like dragons, cyclops, mermaids, and more in this immersive and educational summer camp.

10-12 year old

June 2020: Junior Zookeeper June 22nd-26th 

Learn what it takes to be a keeper! Your junior zookeeper will experience training, making diets, and much more in this immersive camp. This behind-the-scenes based camp is perfect for those wanting to become biologists when they grow up!

July 2020: Living in the Environment July 20th-24th 

Join us as we meet animal ambassadors from around the world and learn their stories. Together we will learn ways to save species both at home and around the world!