Serengeti Springs


Our Animals

Our zookeepers know how to keep it real—both on and off of Zoo grounds. EdZOOcation allows the Hattiesburg Zoo to share its amazing animals and conservation efforts with you!

Zoo Outreach

The Hattiesburg Zoo is proud to offer the opportunity to bring a little bit of our zoo right to you!

The Hattiesburg Zoo's Outreach Program is designed to bring a bit of the Zoo to schools, libraries and other community-based facilities in an effort to educate children and adults about different animal species, their care, importance in the world and their conservation status. Zoo residents make visits to these facilities with the assistance of the Zoo's Outreach Coordinator.
Hattiesburg Zoo's Outreach Program primarily serves the Pine Belt and parts of Central and South Mississippi. There is no cost for this program; however, a mileage fee may be necessary depending on the distance of the requesting facility from the zoo.


We’re doing our part for the planet! You can too. Find our more on our worldwide and at-home efforts to help heal the environment.

Volunteer & Docent Program

Are you passionate about wildlife? Is our impact on the environment important to you? Are you someone who would love to help others have an educational and more enjoyable experience to the Zoo? Look no further! The Hattiesburg Zoo is actively recruiting enthusiastic individuals to join our dedicated team of volunteers.

Docents are volunteer zoo educators! The Docent Program's main goal is to help promote conservation and education. Docents can expect to engage with guests and educate them on our zoo's various animals, exhibits, bio-facts, and conservation efforts.

If you would like more information on becoming a docent or volunteer, please click the link below and fill out the form!


At the Hattiesburg Zoo, we appreciate your generous donations. After all, without you, we wouldn’t be able to Keep Hattiesburg Wild! A donation to the zoo is a donation to the community, to local families, and to the wild spirit that makes Hattiesburg so special.

Ambassador Animals

Our Ambassador Animals are a hardworking bunch! These guys help our education staff members share more about some of the world’s most fascinating creatures, their habitats, and conservation efforts. Other than special appearances around the zoo, Ambassador Animals are mainly used in three ways: birthday parties, outreach, and field trips.