Serengeti Springs

Customizable Field Trips

The Hattiesburg Zoo is pleased to offer Customizable Field Trips, which will educate and entertain students of all ages.

Customizable Field Trips allow teachers to choose from a variety of educational, entertainment and activity experiences, which gives each class the opportunity to learn in the style that best suits their needs.


Teachers can choose 2 of 3 of the following options:

  • Train Ride
    The train circles the exterior of the Zoo and gives guests the opportunity to view the different countries of the Zoo. The time the train ride is taken is at the discretion of the participating group.
  • Carousel Ride
    The carousel ride features animals that students can find at the Hattiesburg Zoo. The time the carousel ride is taken is at the discretion of the participating group.
  • Animal Encounter
    The animal encounter experience allows students to get up-close and personal with one of the Zoo’s ambassador animals. This is approximately a 15-minute presentation, and will take place at a designated time, which will be given upon arrival in the Zoo’s office.
    + Classes can choose to participate in all three options for an additional cost of $2 per student.

Teachers can check out a Grab-and-Go Lesson Box upon their arrival to the Zoo. Each box contains a grade-appropriate lesson plan with bio-facts, a related activity and a game that educates while being fun and interactive for students. The Grab-and-Go Lesson boxes allow the teacher to use the education opportunity at their own pace during their Field Trip. Grab-and-Go Lesson Boxes are included with the purchase of a Field Trip Package of 20 or more students.


The Story Book Program is perfect for younger learners from Pre-K through 2nd Grade. Teachers can choose among a variety of story books when they arrive at the Zoo and read the book to their class while on their field trip. Sample Story Book titles include The Carnival of Animals, Owl Babies, and Why Should I Protect Nature. The Story Book Program is free of charge with a purchased Field Trip Package of 20 or more students.

  • Behind-the-Scenes
    A peak into the daily activities of the animal caregivers. Students will receive a guided tour of either the Giraffe Barn, Medical & Nutritional Facility, or the Zebra and Zebu Barn to get a one-of-a-kind education about how Zoo animals are cared for, fed and housed at the Hattiesburg Zoo. Animals will be on exhibit and not located behind the scenes during these tours.
    + Behind-the-Scenes Tours are available for an additional $5 per student.
  • Guided Tours
    Guided Tours of Africa, South America, Asia or Asbury/Education animals. Students can learn more about their favorite section of the Hattiesburg Zoo. If a teacher chooses a guided tour of Africa, students will get an in-depth review of several of the Zoo’s newest animal residents including Sue Ellen and Bertie, mother and daughter giraffes.
    + Guided Tours are available for an additional $3 per student. Behind-the-Scenes and Guided Tour participants must be age 8 or above, and a maximum of 25 people can be accommodated in any one tour. Tours take approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

Group pricing is available for the following experiences during the day of the Field Trip if a group is interested in adding to their activities.

  • Mining Expedition Participants use a mining sluice to sift through a bag of mining rough.+ Each mining bag is $5.
  • High Adventure Ropes Course Allows adventurers to reach new heights and challenge themselves on this, one-of-a-kind ropes course. Available for guests 48” or taller.+ $10 Sky Tykes Adventure Ropes Course Allows those 47” and below to enjoy new heights. +$5

A minimum number of 20 ticket purchases are required to qualify for Field Trip pricing.

  • $10 per person for those 2 – 12 years of age
  • $12 per person for those 13 + years of age

1 teacher for every 10 students will receive complimentary admission The Hattiesburg Zoo accepts the following forms of payment: PO’s, credit cards, checks and cash. Payment may be made over the phone or on the day of your Field Trip at the Zoo office. Groups with special needs are asked to contact the Zoo at Annual Passes do not apply


Lunch orders require a 2 weeks advanced order. Lunch will be served at a designated location inside the Zoo.

  • PIZZA PARTY ($10)
    • Cheese or pepperoni
    • Includes bag of chips & drink
    • Hot Dog ($10)
    • Chicken Strips ($10)
    • Uncrustable ($8)
    • Includes chips, animal crackers, and Tum-e Yummy
    • Bottled water, juice, sprite, coke, diet coke

Outside food and beverage are not allowed at the Hattiesburg Zoo. Pavilions located outside the Zoo are perfect for dining, and are available for rent through the Hattiesburg Zoo